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General questions ATCOR-2/3
30-Jun-2015, 10:07 AM,
General questions ATCOR-2/3
Quote:i would like you to please clear some things for me

if i understood correctly,
atcor 2 is for multispectral sattelites
... and flat terrain only.

Quote:actor 3 is for hypersopectral sattelites
... it's for both, multispectral and hyperspcectral satellites and includes terrain processing.

Quote:atcor 4 is for hypersopecrtal airborne sensors..
... for wide FOV instruments and always includes both flat, and terrain processing.

Quote:i just don't understant what is atcor 2/3?
atcor2/3 is a license which covers all features of both atcor2 and atcor3 whereas with an atcor2 license
the above mentioned features are disabled in the software. The ATCOR2 software is fully integrated in ATCOR3 (or ATCOR2/3 respectively).

Quote:how am i supposed to run atcor 3?
If you got the correct license, you may run atcor3 directly after downloading the atcor2/3 module.

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