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Error message
12-Mar-2015, 10:26 AM,
Error message
Quote:When I am starting to test ATCOR using .../demodata/tm_flat/tm_essen_atm.bsg data, then ATCOR gives following error message on the ATCOR2 window: 

*** Error: file not found: C:\shine_prog2\ATCOR\atcor_23\atm_lib\landsat4_5\/src_idl/atcor/atcor_23_v62/atm_lib/landsat4_5/aamwrura.atm

However, I have found that "aamwrura.atm" file is located in


Could you please give your comment onthis error message?

It seems that you were using a sample '*.inn' file for this demo data processing. Please go through the GUI by selecting the Landsat4/5 TM sensor and the appropriate atmospheric files again such that the paths in the Inn file will be updated correctly before going into the processing. 

You also could update the paths in the *inn file manually before doing the processing.

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