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Various questions on PARGE
10-Feb-2015, 03:10 PM,
Various questions on PARGE
Quote:- Our VNIR and SWIR cameras are separate, so at the moment we can only combine the cubes once they've been reprojected in PARGE.  We've discussed this before and it's a little complicated, but I'd like to know if it's worth the effort to write the scripts for reprojecting the .sca files, etc!
Did you use the function 'Processor:Integrated Processing' for this task yet? - this should take care of this merging. Let me know if it does not work as expected. 

Quote:- We use the HySpex VNIR and SWIR cameras, which cover 0.4-1.0μm and 0.9-2.5μm respectively.  Are there significant advantages in ATCOR with processing a full 0.4-2.5 μm cube as opposed to processing the 0.4-1.0μm and 0.9-2.5μm spectra separately and then combining them?
Yes, there are some advantages:
- Water vapor detection often works better in the visible than in the 1130 nm band
- Aerosol characterisation requires the visible bands (something which won't have a huge impact in the SWIR, however)
- Also shadow detection routines require the visible bands; if required. 
Anyhow, for low altitude flights, the aerosol detection may not be all that important.

Quote:PhaseOne Orthorectification.
I heard that you've been working on including orthorectification of array camera imagery within PARGE, and that this would support the PhaseOne camera which we use.  This would be very useful to us; do you know when this feature might be released?
Yes, I got a routine for the processing of such frame cameras, but not for the boresighting - if you got a good boresight result from a different sources one could give it a try.

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