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Insert GCPs
06-Jan-2015, 03:29 PM,
Insert GCPs
On each flight we perform with our HySpex cameras, we conduct a boresight run against the same survey GCPs at our airfield. At the moment, we conduct boresight within PARGE by using copy-paste to insert our GCP survey co-ordinates from a spreadsheet. Is there an easier way to do this, perhaps by selecting GCPs from a list and then assigning an image pixel value? 

Quote:You could prepare the GCPs in a text file without entering the pixel/line coordinates. The format can be either an ENVI *pts file or a PARGE text file Those would need to be entered later then. To get a template you may export your once entered GCPs with File:Export GCPs; this file may later be loaded by Control:import GCPS. 

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