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What's the best way to add the ReSe software permanently to the IDL path?
08-Oct-2014, 11:10 AM,
What's the best way to add the ReSe software permanently to the IDL path?
There are two ways to solve this:
Either you find a way that the environment variable IDL_PATH is set from within Windows for all users; it should contain something like: set IDL_PATH "+/path_to_your_module/:<IDL_DEFAULT>"
The second option is to edit the IDL preferences for all users within the path (see instruction from the IDL help below). Extract from the IDL help about Preferences:-----IDL Distribution Preference File:Every IDL distribution contains an idl.pref file within the pref subdirectory of the resource directory (<IDL_DIR>/resource/pref/idl.pref). The file’s syntax is the same as that of the user preference file. The file serves as a single place where system administrators can establish global defaults for all of their IDL users, without having to edit the preference file for each of those users separately. For example, IDL uses a thread pool on systems with multiple CPUs in order to carry out numerical operations more quickly. The default is to use the same number of threads as the system has CPUs, in order to use the hardware to best advantage. This default is usually correct for single-user systems, but can be inconvenient at locations where large multi-CPU systems are being shared simultaneously by scientists using IDL for unrelated work. In such a case, the unrelated IDLs battle each other for CPU access and slow down overall system throughput. The system administrator can establish a more productive default by putting a line such as the following in the distribution preference file:IDL_CPU_TPOOL_NTHREADS : 1A preference whose source is the distribution preference file can be modified during the current IDL session, using either the PREF_SET procedure or the IDL Workbench preferences dialog. Changes made using either of these methods will be written to the current user’s preferences file, but as long as the distribution preference file contains a value for the preference it will be the intial source of the preference value each time IDL starts.
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