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How to apply for a license key?
30-Sep-2014, 03:56 PM,
How to apply for a license key?
PARGE and ATCOR require a binary license key to be put on your local machine to run properly. Please follow the below instructions to create the license information for a node-locked license key. All ReSe software requires IDL or the IDL Virtual Machine to run on any operating system. IDL VM is available as free distribution directly from ITTVIS. If you don't have access to a full IDL license proceed as follows:
Install the IDL virtual machine from CD/DVD or by downloading from ITTVIS - please follow the installation instructions provided by ITT. Download the file identify.sav (click here). Double click the file identify.sav (on Windows) or enter on Unix/MacOSX: idl -vm="identify.sav". Owners of a full IDL license may run the command 'identify' directly from within IDL. Email the text outputs of this job together with your complete address and affiliation to You will then receive a binary key file within a few days.
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