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Help - I can't install the ReSe software!
30-Sep-2014, 03:48 PM, (This post was last modified: 30-Sep-2014, 03:54 PM by rese_support.)
Help - I can't install the ReSe software!
Please follow the installation instructions as provided on the FTP servers carefully.The following hints will prevent you from running into troubles: Make sure you have an appropriate version of IDL or the IDL Virtual Machine installed on your computer. All software has been written and compiled in IDL and therefore can only be used with an installation of the IDL environment. Download only the version of the software which corresponds to your installed IDL version. (2nd degree versions, i.e. 6.0. as indicated on the ftp). There is not always compatibility between the various versions of IDL to the second digit.
Install and run the software on the machine you selected for creating the identification information.
Place your software license key (obtained from ReSe in a separate mail) within the IDL search path and make sure it is the only license key on the machine. The key is only valid for the machine(s) whose identification was provided to ReSe.
Check if the correct license key is found by the command: IDL> print,file_which('').
The help-folder as well as the software itself have to be placed within a valid IDL search-path for routines (e.g. the /lib or the /products directory of your local IDL). Add the path of new created folders to IDL if necessary.
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