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MODO Versions and MODTRAN6
26-Feb-2019, 11:32 AM,
MODO Versions and MODTRAN6
Q: What are the version differences of the MODO / MODTRAN Software?

A: There are currently three versions of MODO and MODTRAN:

MODO4 with Modtran4

This tool is kind of outdated as it is using an old version od modtran (version 4).
Advantage: low cost, usable for education and starters
Disadvantage: not suited for scientific work as accuracy increased since its release:

MODO5.2 with Modtran5.4

This version of MODO supports and includes the latest 'traditional' MODTRAN release 5.4. Modtran5.4 to date still produces 
physically valid outputs. For remote sensing applications, now significant differences to MODTRAN6 could be found so far.
Advantage: reduced costs if compared to Modtran6, easier licensing, integration with modo.
Disadvantage: slower performance than Modtran6, no further updates of HITRAN database and modtran code foreseen.

MODO 6 (TBA) and Modtran6

Modo version 6 is in development and should be released in 2019. It uses the up-to-date Modtran6 RTC and will be maintained
in the future:
Advantage: most recent Modtran and Hitran releases are supported through the Modtran maintenance (to be ordered from
Spectral Sciences Inc.), Faster Performance, Java based UI for modtran6 as alternative to the MODO interface.
Disadvantage: Higher costs and more restrictive licensing than Modtran5.

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