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Starting PARGE from an external processing workflow
09-Jan-2019, 11:18 AM,
Starting PARGE from an external processing workflow
Quote:I now notice your PARGE software seems to be built into IDL. Is there any cross-functionality with Python at all? In particular, we would like a way to implement the orthorectification with our current python processes.

Starting PARGE from an external processing workflow, e.g. from Python, is feasible as all processes are fully batch capable and there is a dedicated interface for such starts. There are some preconditions:
- You can issue system calls from Python (which should not be a problem)
- The boresight-calibration of the system has been done beforehand (however, some boresighting options could also be started automatically, but this is seldomly done in batch).
- You got an IDL runtime license (without the license, a splash screen is displayed whenever IDL starts). The license is to be purchased from Harris separtely
Things are easier if you got a fully supported system such as the Headwall Hyperspec Nano. Moreover, for commercial licenses we offer full support integrating PARGE into an operational workflow.

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