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Process workflow
22-Mar-2018, 11:23 AM,
Process workflow
Quote:Our airborne hyperspectral imagery were acquired over a forested regions with rugged topography.
There are three factors (atmospheric effect, topographic effect and BRDF effect) which impact the reflectance of object.
Can I do the atmospheric/topographic correction by ATCOR4r module firstly, then using BRERCOR method to remove the BRDF effects of the hyperspectral imagery?
I am not sure the process flow which mentioned above is correct. Can you give me some advice for that?

This process workflow is correct. For the incidence BRDF part, you possibly will need to apply empirical corrections in the topographic correction part whereas the observer BRDF with BREFCOR is corrected after all ATCOR corrections (using the standard outputs and parameters from the ATCOR processing).

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