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ATCOR Update /Sentinel
22-Aug-2017, 10:16 AM,
ATCOR Update /Sentinel
Quote:Thanks for the update!

Two questions:
1. why are sentinels (1A and 1B) not in the sensor.dat file?
2. the naming of the zip can cause problems (?) because it has the same name as the previous version. I renamed it from atcor_23_v91 to atcor_23_v912 but after starting up it will still search for pathnames with atcor_23_v91 (for example when you ask for the sensor list) and thus not give the new sensors. Did I forget something in the procedure of arranging everything or can you maybe come up with a more convenient zip file (including the right directions)?

For all clarity, I mean Sentinels 2A and 2B. And I do see S2A and S2B in the atm_lib and in the sensor directories (under atcor_23) but I do not see them in the cal and spec_lib directories. And also not via Atcor>sensor>define sensor parameters>select.

The easiest upgrade procedure is as follows: 

- rename your existing atcor_23 installation to atcor_23_v9_prev 
- copy the unzipped new installation to the place where the old atcor_23 directory was; typically within ReSe_Software. 
- copy your license file from atcor_23_v9_prev/bin/ to atcor_23/bin/ 
- if you had an own sensors defined: copy your sensor directories and atm_lib directories from the old installation into the new installation. 

Regarding Sentinels: Sentinel system are advanced sensors and are configured the same way as hyperspectral systems are. Therefore, they are defined in the /sensor/ subdirectory rather than the /cal/ directory (where the standard systems are). In the spec_lib directory, you find s2a_4ch and s2a_13ch, which are good for both sentinels.

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