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PARGE installation on Windows
29-Jun-2017, 08:41 AM, (This post was last modified: 29-Jun-2017, 08:41 AM by rese_support.)
PARGE installation on Windows
Quote:I have not been able to install Parge Ver 3.3 on either of my computers.  The computers (PC and Laptop) are both Windows 7 Pro 64-bit operating systems. 
I downloaded ReSe_Software 64-bit and the program does connect to the internet; however, ReSe_ continually fails to download and install Parge Ver 3.3 as shown in slider (locked at 47% below), with the following error message: 
/   Connection check ok - ready to download./ 
/   ... downloading Parge Version 3.3/ 
/   Sending Http Get Request: / 
/ <>
/   Error: Http Get Request Failed. Error = transfer closed with 54345043 bytes remaining to read, Curl Error Code = 18./ 
Subsequently, I managed to download and extract Parge_v33 using windows explorer from the above link.  Double clicking Parge.exe file opens the program, which promptly fails when selecting either 64-bit or 32-bit versions of the program on my PC, as follows: 

Inline image 3 
It would be far easier to have Parge install and run from a single download /*.exe/ file, without having to funnel through ReSE_Software - is there any specific reason for this?  I noticed there are a bunch of /*.sav/ and /*.pro/ files within Parge folders so subsequently tried opening Parge through IDL.  I use ENVI 4.7 with associated IDL 7.1.2, although Parge did not open using following IDL string: 

   cd, 'c:\RSI\Parge_v33 
It appears Parge will open using an evaluation copy of IDL 8.5 (but this has a 7min time limit, so not a reasonable long term solution), and using the above IDL string was able to get Parge to open on my PC, with following message: 
Inline image 4 

On my laptop Parge opens with the above IDL licence code alert, so I have attached a txt file with copied message contents.  I find it strange that Parge would only open through an evaluation copy of IDL 8.5 on my PC, but appears to open to the above licence alert fine on my Laptop, considering both computers are running same operating system, any ideas? 
In summary, I/we haven't been able to get Parge to open/run correctly to determine whether it will provide better method of geocorrection than our current method of using /*.pro/ routines in IDL Ver 7.  What would be better is if we had a simple step-wise workflow (similar to that shown on page 45 of the 293 page manual) showing steps to geocorrect the HyMap data using Parge in a few pages.

The reasons for the troubles are as follows: 
- download through the GUI apparently runs into a timeout in your case; you're right that the direct download is more stable.
- we need idl8.4 virtual machine or higher to run parge or other software.
- the ReSe Software download contains the idl virtual machine 8.4 to run parge
- the PARGE.exe is a startup script to start IDL only. It can be configured in the file PARGE.ini.
- The exe will only work if the parge directory is installed within the ReSe Software directory (i.e. in parallel to the directory IDL84) - if you got the software directory elsewhere, you'd need to edit the PARGE.ini file.
- unfortunately, there is no easier way to build exe packages with IDL on Windows (at least as far as I know).

Enclosed you find the respective license key for the machine you indicated; please put it in the parge directory.

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