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Define input file formats
13-Sep-2016, 09:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 13-Sep-2016, 09:32 AM by rese_support.)
Define input file formats
Quote:My company is focused on software for scientific devices, especially on HSI.
Right now we are working to integrate data from HSI camera with GPS, altimeter, inertial system to process it with PARGE.

And here is the question for you: could you please send us the specification of input file Parge is expecting ?
It seems like we have complete data from the flight and we need to organize it.

If you're free to define the input file formats, the following is recommended:
- image file as band sequential imagery with ENVI header, also containing the correct acquisition date would be helpful for radiometric processing.
- ASCII sensor model file containing across track angles for each pixel (columnar ASCII) in 3 columns: Pixel number, across-track, along-track angle ind degrees OR total FOV of sensor.
- GPS/IMU file synchronized to the image lines as ASCII file with 7 columns:
1st: line number or time tag
2-4: lon/lat/alt (WGS-84 based)
5-7: roll/pitch/heading (in degrees)

This format is supported through the uav import function (imp_various in version 3.3 of PARGE).

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