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Sentinel2 data
07-May-2016, 07:53 AM,
Sentinel2 data
Quote:Does ATCOR support processing of Sentinel2 data?

Sentinel 2 is fully supported by ATCOR-2 and ATCOR-3 as of version 9.0.2 and higher. It is to be noted, that the data is to be imported by the function: "File:Import:Sentinel 2". This function will write a 4band and a 13band sentinel image to be used for ATCOR processing. The processing of sentinel can then be done by the Functions "ATCOR: ATCOR2/3: Advanced Sensors". Note that the sensor definition can not be found in the "ATCOR2/3:Standard Sensors" processing panel due to the support of cirrus and water vapor correction.

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