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ATM file
26-Apr-2016, 09:27 AM,
ATM file
Quote:What criteria should be used when selecting the *.atm file? Is this dependent on the weather at the time the sensor was in the area or are there other considerations assuming either rural/urban. For instance, for a flight altitude of 1000m there may be several wv possibilities 4, 10, 20. 

The aerosol type 'rural' is normally a good choice for the ATM file - for the SWIR data processing, the aerosol type does not matter anyhow; it mostly affects the green- blue spectral range. As for the water vapor, you may choose whichever you want as long as the water vapor is retrieved from the image. If the retrieval does not lead to reasonable outputs, you should choose the water vapor amount closest to your meteorological situation. For normal midlatitude dry conditions, the 20g/cm2 water amount is a good choice to start with.

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