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PARGE version 3.2 released
24-Aug-2014, 03:53 PM,
PARGE version 3.2 released
July 25th, 2014: New release of PARGE
PARGE version 3.2 is now available
The new version of PARGE offers improved capabilities to ease the workflow. This is of special advantage for efficient processing of UAV scanner data.

Updated and new Features:

Direct processing function to produce rectified imagery right after data import in one step.
Support for global elevation data for automatic processing.
Pixel size calculation from IGM to optimize the output image resolution.
New mosaicking routine to automatically mosaic a number of rectified images to common grid.
Boresighting to arbitrary reference (by zeroing) added.
Improved DEM import functions.
Introduced PARGE LITE option for a reduced cost PARGE license, meant for automatic processing.
Support for ENVI coordinate system strings in outputs.
Further enhancements to ENVI file viewer and output scaling.
Bug fixes for processing of long flight lines.
Corrected treatment of saturation level in the processing and resampling for both binning and interpolation (uses the ENVI header tag 'data ignore value')
Fixed problems with southern hemisphere data processing.
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