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How to define the sensor - rese_support - 29-Nov-2017

Quote:I have the following issue: I have currently .bsq files collected using a NEO HySpex VNIR camera, however at the moment of accessing the ATCOR menu the HySpex sensor is not displayed in the menu. Where or How can I add the sensor to this list?

Each sensor in ATCOR-4 has its own spectral propetries and needs to be defined by the end user before it can be used. 
Steps are as follows: 
- make sure that you got the latest atmospheric database installed (the database may be installed through the Menu in Help:Install Components
- Define the sensor using 'Sensor: Define Sensor parameters'; more details can be found in the manual section 5.2.1. You may use the ENVI header information of your file to define the spectral response if no explicite response files are available (using the function Sensor:Generate Spectral Filter Functions. Also make sure that the correct scaling factor is included there (for newer Hyspex data, a value of 0.01 for the scaling factor is appropriate for floating point input data). 
- Run the Sensor:RESLUT command to get the sensor specific database. 
now, atcor can be used with the new defined sensor.