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Sentinel processing - rese_support - 30-Jan-2017

Quote:I want to correct some Sentinel -2 images (all bands). Can you possibly provide guidance on how is that accomplished with ATCOR 2/3? 

For Sentinel processing, you need to go the following path: 

a) Import Sentinel data from original data formats, menu file>import Sentinel-2
The first jp2-band of a granule needs to be selected within the data structure.

b) Import DEM if required (Topographic> DEM Import)

c) Prepare DEM for rugged processing (Topographic > DEM Preparation)

d) process Sentinel data using menu: ATCOR > Sentinel-2 (angular dependent atcor)
process Sentinel using menu ATCOR > Advanced sensors

Let us know if you got specific problems regarding Sentinel Processing.