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Full Version: Processing Hyperion data
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Quote:I had tried to read 'Hyperon' image with ATCOR-3, but errors came up with. I couldn't find out any solution in ATCOR-2/3 User Guide - There is no option to select via 'Sensor Type' for Hyperion. 

ATCOR-3 is the right tool for processing Hyperion data. Please proceed as follows:
- Choose: File:Import:Hyperion Image (TIF or ENVI); this will import the data to 167 useful bands.
- Choose: Help:Install Components and instll the Database 99km for satellites
- Choose: Sensor: RESLUT to create the atmospheric library used for Hyperion167 processing
- Choose: ATCOR:ATCOR3:advanced sensors and enter all required parameters for Hyperion processing

Further note: you may need to do a smile detection (Tools:Spectral Smile detection) and create a smile based Hyperion sensor in order to improve the spectral results; see manual for further details about that.